HQSoftware Software Development Company

HQSoftware Software Development Company – What Makes Them Stand Out

The HQSoftware Company is a software development company that specializes in web applications developments. The HQSoftware Company deals with everything from mobile applications to enterprise solutions and they provide original software that is custom designed to their client needs. They are all about moving businesses forward for their clients and they have built numerous systems over the years, which means they are very experienced.

Software custom development

Throughout the years, the HQSoftware development team has been specializing in mobile and website technologies and this is their core focus. They do front and back-end developments that include UI/UX designs. The team is not limited by business domains because they have done custom software development projects for banks, retail stores, financial institutions, government, digital marketing agencies, medical institutions as well as educational institutions and other software development companies.

Their Technology Focus

The HQSoftware development team creates their software using Java, PHP, .NET, Node JS ad mobile apps for Android and IOS. Their projects range from SaaS solutions to applets, cloud-deployed application architecture, 3rd party integrations, database design, customer management and administrative interfaces.

Their Software Development Process

The HQSoftware development team has a development plan that allows them to deliver quality results within budget, and they are always on time. Also they provide internet of things services. The team guides their customers through their established workflow, user testing as well as responsive designs. Initially, the team meets with their clients and if the client happens to have their own specifications, the team goes through it first. If the client does not have one, they provide it. They take some time to figure out how sufficient the information is then get back to the client. They communicate with the client until they understand all their needs then they develop a project proposal that includes:

· Project understanding

· Risk management

· Communication map

· Proposed technology stack

· Warranty

· Project deliveries

· Project assumptions

· Preliminary estimation

Their development methodologies

Once the client accepts the proposal, the HQSoftware offshore development team offers them the best delivery model as well as development methodology. The company could either use Agile techniques or the Waterfall approach, depending on which one will fit best.

Quality assurance

The HQSoftware company quality assurance covers the entire development process beginning with the requirements definition to the product release. The ISTQB certified Quality Assurance engineers provide compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, localization testing as well as security testing.


The HQSoftware development company goes beyond the software testing and implementation because all their developers and the project managers work very hard, overtime and during weekends when they have urgent cases. Besides it’s very important thing – outsourcing e-learning development. The HQSoftware development team offers sup[port constantly to keep their customers happy at all times.

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