Game Production by zGames

zGames, a US-based mobile game development studio is active since 2008. They come up with innovative games full of entertainment and education by problem-solving. It has been just 9years and they have collaboration with world-leading publishers, including Atari, Taito, and Big Fish. They are among the best gaming professionals in the world.

One of the popular zGames’s game – Happy Chef with one million downloads till date. Happy Chef is a time management game with chef and kitchen managing thousands of dishes with multiple customers. There is a number of variety available in terms of recipe, furniture, and accessories. You can experiment with different ingredient and dishes to become the best chef in your country. It gives you a real type feel of being a chef. Happy Chef 2 can be downloaded from the store and can play on iOS or Android-Powered devices, Mac, and PC. Happy Chef 3 is coming in a short time. Happy Chef can be played for five different location with different meals to cook and experiment with new spices. The progress of the game is indicated by colorful comics. The player would enjoy them while trying new recipes. They can even buy the furniture and other stuff to save their time and energy. Upgrades make the game exciting all the time. There are different menus and features that add up with advancement. Players can modernize their restaurant with different levels.

Quality design and graphics makes the game more existing and loving. Players can choose from four characters and can play accordingly. Happy chef with 45 MB space is light and smooth. The installation and running of the game are swift. The game also has a relaxed mode for beginners. There are different stories that keep the player involved during the game. As the time passes, difficulty level also increases. The game helps to handle more than one customers with different demands. The Happy chef also helps in doing different things at a time like baking pizza and simultaneously serving lemonade. It also helps in keeping track of different customer and cooking recipe. In zGames they use serious game design source code and  The Happy chef has 70 levels to complete with a lot of exploration. Happy chef helps small as well as big restaurants chefs to cook and manage customers. It has been a beautiful tool for training. Some might come with an opinion that how come game makes a person earn his living but the Happy chef has the potential for it.

Players of all age have found the game exciting according to the analysis of reviews. The reviewer of the game has reviewed it as one of the best cooking apps. Reviewers have rated 4.3 stars on android and has found the paid version very economic. Some of the reviewers feel that there are lots of bugs in the game but it is worth playing it.

Even those who are not regular players have found Happy Chef interesting. Cooking itself is a matter of pressure and being sensitive and so as the game Happy Chef. You need to be alert so that the food does not burn and the customer does not go away. The award and achievement are very motivating.

You need to put in more than 25 hours to complete the game and can cook from more than 100 meals. The game trains you brain to be a master chef. If not in real, at least you can be a master chef in a virtual world with the Happy chef.

Reliable Systems for Banks

Standfore – Internet banking systems

The internet simplified a lot of operations and now, most of the services are more user-friendly than they were before. This change also occurred to the banking system. Standfore – Internet banking systems is the perfect example of that. This software manages to centralize all the banking operations and to make them accessible for the client with a simple, secure and user – friendly interface. Standfore comes with some useful features and bellow, we will tell you more about them.

1) Online Banking

This is one of the most helpful features and also, one of the most popular. This facility allows the user to perform some of the most complicated banking operations, from its PC. The software can process a wide range of transactions like money transfer, online shopping, bill payments and many others. All that, from the comfort of your own home.

2) Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking works almost the same as online banking, with one main difference. With mobile banking, you don’t need a PC to perform your needed bank transactions and you can do all of them with a smartphone and a mobile internet connection. Many people avoid using the mobile banking features because of security issues. Standfore however, provides a very advanced security system, which will make it impossible for anyone to hack into your bank account.

3) Bank Portal

The virtual bank portal is another interesting and user-friendly feature. With it, you have access to a series of banking services, without having to go to an actual bank. This feature will save you a lot of time and will make any transaction, extremely enjoyable. The interface is extremely simple and you don’t have to be an IT specialist, in order to know how to use it.

4) Front Office

Even though the software can handle all your needed operations, there is a front office feature available for you. The front office is also virtual and with it, you can contact a customer-support specialist, which will handle all your queries. They are extremely operative and you will get in touch with them in the shortest time. Front office is also very helpful if you need to do a more complicated transaction or if you have any uncertainties, regarding the functionality of the software.
Standfore – Internet banking systems is one of the most advanced and secure software for banking, available on the market. The company fully understands that security is one of the most important thing for its users. That’s why, they continuously update their safety features to make the software unbreachable and completely safe for its users.

Internet of Things Apps

With the ever growing home automation and enterprise technologies, many people are moving towards investing in smart Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and capabilities. Connected devices can now control activities performed by people through automation of tasks. That has made it possible for people to enjoy living in smart cities and homes, using smart cars as well as wearing smart watches. For instance modern home appliances like wash machines, fridges TV systems and lighting systems are connected with smartphone. That makes execution of tasks from the sofa quite a breeze.

What Does Qulix Systems IoT Apps Mean For Consumers And Companies?

Internet of Things apps are slowly transforming homes and workplaces into a connected world. For instance, home automation improves the quality of life, increases comfort and ensures security at home. On the other hand, businesses and organizations can enjoy increased efficiency, reduced costs and optimal resource usage.

IoT apps provide realtime feedback to developers, which make it easier to make improvements targeting the specific needs of the users. With sensor and video cameras, homes can experience improved security and minimal physical threats. There are plenty of future prospects for consumers and businesses that are adopting the IoT technologies.

What Are The Key Sectors Targeted By IoT Apps From

IoT application development services have wider applications for both homeowners and companies. From smart homes to telematics to artificial intelligence, wearable all through to e-health, there are many solutions the apps can offer. Gadgets and devices added to IoT ecosystem aim at providing all-round solutions to the user to make life easier.

Some of the key sectors that fall under the Internet of Things ecosystem include:

-Building management


-Smart cities

-Energy saving



-Water management and more

Is Acquiring Qulix Systems Internet Of Things Expensive?

Using the Internet of Things smart technology is as easy as purchasing an application, having it configured to your workplace or home and then connected to your devices/ gadgets. Custom software development company | Qulix Systems are always keen on providing users with solutions that will last longer in a home or organization. Though purchasing and configuring the apps might cost a lot more, they come with far more benefits that the consumer can imagine. Upon configuration, it can be easier to control tasks at home with a single tap or slide of the app function.


For those who want to adopt the Internet of Things technology, there is need to understand the specific requirements on how they want the system to improve execution of tasks. Qulix Systems experts in best smart home applications and automation systems can always integrate their skill and knowledge with the consumer’s idea to deliver the best solutions. With internet of things technology, one can enjoy monitoring the home or work space and executing tasks easily without sacrificing on comfort.

HQSoftware Software Development Company

HQSoftware Software Development Company – What Makes Them Stand Out

The HQSoftware Company is a software development company that specializes in web applications developments. The HQSoftware Company deals with everything from mobile applications to enterprise solutions and they provide original software that is custom designed to their client needs. They are all about moving businesses forward for their clients and they have built numerous systems over the years, which means they are very experienced.

Software custom development

Throughout the years, the HQSoftware development team has been specializing in mobile and website technologies and this is their core focus. They do front and back-end developments that include UI/UX designs. The team is not limited by business domains because they have done custom software development projects for banks, retail stores, financial institutions, government, digital marketing agencies, medical institutions as well as educational institutions and other software development companies.

Their Technology Focus

The HQSoftware development team creates their software using Java, PHP, .NET, Node JS ad mobile apps for Android and IOS. Their projects range from SaaS solutions to applets, cloud-deployed application architecture, 3rd party integrations, database design, customer management and administrative interfaces.

Their Software Development Process

The HQSoftware development team has a development plan that allows them to deliver quality results within budget, and they are always on time. Also they provide internet of things services. The team guides their customers through their established workflow, user testing as well as responsive designs. Initially, the team meets with their clients and if the client happens to have their own specifications, the team goes through it first. If the client does not have one, they provide it. They take some time to figure out how sufficient the information is then get back to the client. They communicate with the client until they understand all their needs then they develop a project proposal that includes:

· Project understanding

· Risk management

· Communication map

· Proposed technology stack

· Warranty

· Project deliveries

· Project assumptions

· Preliminary estimation

Their development methodologies

Once the client accepts the proposal, the HQSoftware offshore development team offers them the best delivery model as well as development methodology. The company could either use Agile techniques or the Waterfall approach, depending on which one will fit best.

Quality assurance

The HQSoftware company quality assurance covers the entire development process beginning with the requirements definition to the product release. The ISTQB certified Quality Assurance engineers provide compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, localization testing as well as security testing.


The HQSoftware development company goes beyond the software testing and implementation because all their developers and the project managers work very hard, overtime and during weekends when they have urgent cases. Besides it’s very important thing – outsourcing e-learning development. The HQSoftware development team offers sup[port constantly to keep their customers happy at all times.

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